1. Hi, Andy!  Are you looking forward to playing at The AJC?


Yes, of course I am. It will be interesting playing for people I have never

met before.


2. What can The AJC audience look forward to on 31st July 2015?


Some good jazz and fun!


3. You spent 45 years performing and touring as one of Kenny Ball and His Jazzmen, one of the biggest names in jazz.  That must have been a great band to be a part of?



Yes it certainly was, I was a very young musician thrown in to the deep end with an internationally famous band and they took no prisoners!


4. How was Kenny Ball to work with?


Brilliant, frustrating and a pain in the arse!


5. You now tour Europe with The Top 8.  How is that band to work with?


I have stopped touring now but it was, musically, the best band I have ever played with.


6. Do you have a favourite venue to perform at (apart from the Ashtead Jazz Club of course!)?  What makes that venue so special?


I have played all over the world at some fantastic venues but my favourite was anyone of those that was sold out because all sold out venues are special!


7. Who do you feel have been the biggest influences on your playing?


Edmund Hall, I toured with him for two weeks before joining the Kenny Ball band, he was a wonderful player and a beautiful man.




8. Do you have any particular artists you're enjoying listening to at the moment?


There are so many it would take all day but there is one clarinet player called Andrew Firth from Australia who I met when he was twelve and he is a bloody genius classically and jazz wise.



9. Apart from jazz, what other styles of music do you enjoy?


I am very broad minded but I have to stop at rap!


10. Away from music, what else do you enjoy doing with your time?


Spending more time with my family, which until a few years ago wasn’t possible because I was always away. 

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