1. Are you looking forward to playing at The AJC?


PM: Yes, very much so.  

BT: Some of my favourite music with my absolute favourite

musicians? What's not to look forward to?! It's going to be



2. A lot of The AJC's audience won't have seen you guys play

before.  What can you promise them on the 8th May?


BT: Fun; possibly a bit of randomness; originality; and the

deft, tight knit musicality that comes from years of playing


PM: Fresh and minty sounds - not too dissimilar to an audio

version of Listerine.  Somewhere between that and an old

country pub.


3. How is Raul to be in a band with, as a man and as a



PM: Raul is an incredibly accomplished musician with an incredibly humble spirit to match.

BT: Just put it this way: there is only one Raul D'Oliveira. Without him, the world would be a little less bright.


4. You're both multi instrumentalists, do you have a favourite style of music to play?


BT: Tough question! I think the answer for me is ‘no’ - I love playing all kinds of styles, whether I do them well or am flying by the seat of my pants. That said, sometimes playing some jazz after a little while is like coming home to an old friend.

PM: Something old, something new, something improvised and something blue.


5.Who are you really enjoying listening to at the moment?


PM: A Swedish singer/songwriter project called 'A Treehouse Wait'. It's fantastic.

BT: Esperanza Spalding; Brad Mehldau; Bill Evans; Biréli Lagrène & Sylvian Luc album "Duet"; Aaron Parks. Also some blues artists: Eric Clapton; John Mayer; Jonny Lang. Gospel artists: Israel Houghton. Experimental-folk artists Gungor; The Lumineers.


6. Which artists do you feel have influenced your playing?


PM- It's probably easier to say who hasn't!

BT: Bill Evans; Herbie Hancock; Oscar Peterson; Brad Mehldau; John Taylor; Tim Boniface and Phil Merriman!

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