1. Are you looking forward to singing at The AJC?


GT: Yes of course, I've heard so much about it. It sounds like a really rocking place. I've meant to come along many times before to listen and be part of the audience but as I work friday evenings its difficult. Now I will see for myself what it's like. Can't wait!


PG: Of course!  I can’t wait to perform somewhere where people are really passionate about the music they have come to see, and are looking forward to being entertained.  It’s going to be a great night, I’m sure.


2. What can The AJC's audience look forward to on the 16th?

GT: Well some excellent Jazz from some brilliant musicians. I've

worked with the guys playing many times before and I know that they are just top notch. If you've heard them before you'll know you're in for a treat and if you've not heard them you'll be blown away by how good they are.


PG: My voice is an honest, fairly no-frills affair.  It’s probably at the rougher end of the jazz to blues spectrum, and it’s got a bit of power behind it.  I love big band music, it’s probably what I feel most comfortable singing, so you’ll be watching someone having the time of their life up there!


3. How are you feeling about sharing the stage with each other?


GT: I've not met Pete before but I've been told how good he is, so I'm very excited at the chance to share the stage with him!


.PG: I’m hoping I’ll be up to scratch!  I first came across her voice on her album ‘For Such A Time As This,’ and it’s stunning.  She is clearly a master of the craft, so I’ll be gleaning as much from her as I can!


4. Who do you feel has really influenced

you as a performer?


GT: Gosh so many people actually. I

went to theatre school as a child from 5

to 18, so my background is variety and

musical theatre. I trained to be a dancer

and I grew up watching all those

wonderful MGM musicials with Judy

Garland, Fred and Ginger, Gene Kelly

and so many more. They made my heart

sing and still do.


PG: Well, this will be very outside the genre, but I grew up listening to rock and roll music – I got into music in the mid nineties, in the era of Britpop.  I loved guys like Liam Gallagher – he hasn’t got a conventionally decent voice by any stretch of the imagination, but he gets absolutely stuck in to the music and lets the melody sing for itself.  No unecessary imbelishments, just a good, honest voice.  Absolutely love it.


When it comes to big band stuff, it's all about Frank, really.  Great timing, and again - he made the quality of the songs he was given shine through, and I think that's the most important thing that a singer can do.


5. Who are you enjoying listening to at the moment?


GT: To be honest I've been so ill over the holidays that I've not listened to much music at all recently. As far as jazz is concerned I love Dave Coz, his album The Dance has some greats tracks on it and if you want to feel good and have a prance round the room when no ones looking, thats the album to put on.


PG: Gregory Porter’s really cool – his voice is just effortless.  You can relax into someone’s music so much when it sounds as natural as breathing.  Also, Norah Jones simply doesn’t get old; again, it’s just effortless stuff. 


6. When not listening to jazz, what other styles of music are you into?


GT: I love all sorts of muisc actually, I would say I'm very ecelctic in my tastes. I love opera! Listening to and going to. I don't do either often enough. John and I are going to Milan in the summer and we are hoping to go to see Carmen at La Scala. Just keeping my fingers crossed that when the tickets become available on the web we can get some seats. That would be such a treat. However as I say I love all kinds of music but I love the sound track to the Jersey Boys best of all. What great music to sing and dance too. It just makes you happy!


PG: Well, rock and roll is still my first love – The Beatles, The Rolling Stones etc.  I am also rather in love with the music of Paul Simon at the moment – with Art Garfunkel and on his own.  What an amazing melodist he is – he’s barely got a duff song.  Melody is key for me.


7. Away from music, what other passions take up your time?

GT: Most of my time is spent running the Lantern Arts Centre in Raynes Park. As many will know its a full time Arts Centre with shows, classes and events running all year round. Its a crazy place and because of the nature of theatre we work long hours but its wonderful.  Look us up on the web and

if you've not been come along and see whats going on. When I'm not working there I try and spend as much time as possible with my family. John and I now have two wonderful grandchildren and I can't get enough of them!


PG: I love my family – I’m the youngest of five siblings, who are all married with children, so there’s plenty of people to keep me occupied!  However, I got ordained in the Church of England last

summer, so I have to try to make time for them away from the parish!  I’ve also just got engaged, so a lot of time in the coming months will be used to plan our special day.  I’m a bit of a Watford fan, so I make sure I get to a good few games a season.  It’s probably not so good for my voice though –

I have what my future wife calls my ‘football voice,’ and lets just say, I’m not exactly using my diaphram in a constructive way when I’m on the terraces.  I promise not to go to a game the week before the gig…

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