1. Are you looking forward to playing at The Ashtead Jazz Club?


Very much so, I love to play in new clubs. I would like to congratulate my good friend Tom Early for opening up the club and keeping music live.


2. Do you have a favourite style of jazz?


I love all styles of jazz. To perform, I'd say Latin jazz.

3. What has working with the likes of Elton John taught you

about the life of a professional musician?


I have worked with Elton doing TV work, recording and touring. It requires total commitment. You need to work hard and give it all you've got, 100% all the time. That's Elton in a nutshell.


4. A lot of The AJC's audience won't have seen you play before. What can you promise them on 8th May?


We will aim at enjoying ourselves in all we do. The band has a tremendous line up of pure talent and awesome musicianship. So come on down, bring your friends and lets enjoy the evening together!


5. You have extensive experience on the cello. Do you still play?


Yes. I am enjoying the relationship and, like with all fretless instruments, you need to spend time building a solid relationship.


6. As well as gigging and touring with some of the world's finest acts, you also teach Samba classes. Do you feel it is important to get children into music from an early age?


Absolutely, as soon as possible, as soon as they show signs of enjoyment. I was playing at a restaurant and a four year old boy really took an interest in what we were playing, so I started by giving him some percussion instruments.

You should have seen him! Even his parents

were amazed at how quickly he picked up the

rhythm! He got it so I encouraged his parents

to invest as early as now.


7. Finally, will you have your bag of trusted

percussion instruments and whistles with

you at The Ashtead Jazz Club?


Yes, Sir! All my hand percussion will be with

me. Latin jazz would not have the same

flavour without them. A bit like salt and

pepper in a gourmet recipe!

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