1. Are you looking forward to singing at The AJC?


I can't wait to sing at The AJC, it's been a while so I'm really looking

forward to coming back to Ashtead.  The crowd are always lovely and

receptive so it is a joy to sing at!


2. What can The AJC's audience look forward to on the 21st?


I'm going to be bringing a bit of my own 'flavour' to the set next week,

trying to bring together some of the different styles of music which

have influenced me over the years, so expect a bit of a variety, it is the

spice of life, after all!  There'll be something for everyone I hope.


3. Who do you feel has really influenced you as a performer?


My Granny has been my biggest influence as a performer, in her hay day she was an opera singer, singing in venues all over the country.  She always encouraged, supported and inspired me, from a very young age, to get out on to the stage and share my music with others, just as she did.  She was always telling me off for my poor breathing/support/technique/diction etc, but I have learnt so much from her.  She continues to be one of my biggest fans.


4. Who are you really enjoying listening to at the moment?


At the moment I can't stop listening to Madeleine Peyroux, I love her husky, soulful tone.  I will never have a voice like hers but I can dream!  I love all the old soulful singers like Nina Simone and Dinah Washington.  There's something I find very comforting about listening to their music, it's like putting on a pair of really comfy old slippers whilst drinking a mug of cocoa.  Beautiful.


5. When not listening to jazz, what other styles of music are you into?

When I'm not listening to jazz I love listening to gospel and folk music.  I grew up singing in a church which is really where I first learnt how to sing, so gospel music is a huge part of my life.  I also had a mother who loved her folk music so I was brought up listening to artists such as Carole King, Joni Mitchell and Don McClean.  Those influences obviously rubbed off on me because I still listen to this

music today.  I am also currently loving a contemporary Irish folk artist named Foy Vance.  I have his new album 'The Joy of Nothing' on repeat!


6. Away from music, what other passions take up your time?


I am a die hard Great British Bake Off fan.  I live for Wednesday nights and spend a lot of time practicing my signature bakes and show stoppers.  My husband and I are real foodies so we love trying new recipes, going out to farmer’s markets to get hold of the latest in fresh local produce and exploring new restaurants.  I am also very career focussed so when I'm not singing or eating a lot of my time at the moment is taken up with work (yawn)...

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