Meet Mr. Filippo Dall 'Asta!

Ahead of The Gypsy Dynamite Live at The Ashtead Jazz Club on 22nd July 2016, we catch up with the band's founder to discuss all things Gypsy.  


1. Hi, Filippo! We can’t wait to have The Gypsy Dynamite Live at The AJC! The band started with just yourself and Giulio Romano Malaisi didn’t it?

Hi! Yes it did, it started back in 2012 when I was working behind the bar in a pub in West London, The Rocket, and Giulio was performing there with a band.  After the gig I approached him and told him: "Hey I play guitar too! Shall we meet for a jam?"
We met for a jam and the rest happened...We now play 5 or 6 gigs a week!

2. How did the Quartet then come about?

The Quartet came about when we got an enquiry if we could perform as a quartet, so we put the quartet together!
We still play many gigs as a guitar duo, but often invite a double bass and a clarinet when we want a bigger line-up. This time we are fortunate to play with two amazing musicians,

David Horniblow at the clarinet and Jonny Gee at the double bass (who toured with Ravi Shankar!).

3. The Gyspy Dynamite have performed all over the world. Do you have a particular venue that stands out as memorable for you? Apart from The Ashtead Jazz Club, of course!

Well, we have a few! The Hideaway in Streatham was pretty cool, and we also love Le QuecumBar in Battersea where we play very often.
We also love La Chope des Puces in Paris… but of course AJC is the best

4. This is The Gypsy Dynamite’s first time performing at The AJC. What can the audience expect on 22nd July?

…Explosive Gypsy swing, of course!

5. So why Gypsy jazz? What is it about that style of music that you fell in love with?
We both come from a rock background, we fell in love with Gypsy jazz because it has got the versatility and creativity of jazz but in a way also the energy, passion and drive that rock music can have.

6. Who do you think has really influenced you as a performer?
We think we have influenced each other greatly, and we also are inspired by the big names of Gypsy jazz, such as Django Reinhardt, Angelo Debarre, Bireli Lagrene and Stochelo Rosenberg. We are also big fans of Chick Corea, Pat Metheny, Sylvain Luc and Tommy Emmanuel.

7. Do you write music at all?
Yes we do! We are currently working on our second album, which will be mostly our original compositions. So watch this space!

8. Who are you enjoying listening to at the moment?
All music!

9. When not performing, what other interests take up your time?
Yoga, Hindi… and practicing guitar!

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