1. Welcome back, Tara!  We can't wait to have you at The AJC, are you looking forward to the gig?


Of course! The AJC is a fantastic night. 


2. What can the audience expect on 22nd May 2015? 


A big blue harp!!! New songs, old songs, jazz, blues and the wonderful addition of Duncan Menzies on violin.


3. You are the first act to return to The AJC for a second time, this time with your brand new quartet.  What brought about your decision to form The TMQ?


I've always had to goal to form a group rather than performing as a solo artist with a session band. It just took a while to find the musicians that I wanted to create with. Serendipitously, I met Tom and Ed at the last AJC and we clicked right away. Duncan started dating one of my best friends a year and a half ago.  When I heard him play he was so brilliant I had to make the trio a quartet to include him! 


4. This is Duncan's first time performing at The AJC.  What can the audience expect from this wonderful musician?


Duncan is one of the most passionate musicians I've ever worked with. We had a whisky fueled conversation over Christmas about how we both play classical instruments like rock musicians! I think this is why we click. He's technically brilliant with an incredible ear and can rock out! 


5. It sounds like you've been busy writing some new material, can we expect to hear any of this on 22nd May?


Absolutely!! I had a serious back log of songs that were restless to be written. After an incredibly busy start to the year I took some time to commune with the muses and I'm excited to show you the results! 


6. We're so excited to have the TMQ  launching their live album live at The AJC.  Has that been a fun project to work on?


If you only knew how that album was recorded!! It was like a game of tetris fitting the four of us plus recording equipment and audience members into the shed. I was really sick and it was so hot I had to tune the harp between each number. Despite all this the album sounds great!! I was delighted, albeit surprised.


7. We love your latest videos from the live at the Shed sessions, complete with live audience.  How were they to record?


In a tiny shed with a climbing wall that belongs to my friend

John Banyard.  His neighbors acted as the live

audience/camera operators and the sound was engineered

by Aeron Z Jones. It was a big group effort and rather


8. When not performing and recording, what are you

enjoying listening to at the moment?


Joni Mitchell (still!) Esperanza Spalding, a lot of Ella to

prepare for Tim Boniface's album recording and quite a

bit of Soul and Motown lately. 


9. When not making music, what else do the members

of The TMQ like to do with their spare time?


Escape to the sea side!!!!! Or Paris. I take french classes

on Monday nights. Also running through the woods and

hanging out with Sam, my husband. (I got married since

the last time I saw you all!)

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